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Two brokers we’ve examined for many years, Scottrade and TradeKing, stepped away this year due to acquisitions. (In TradeKing’s case, the buyer was Ally Bank.) But we have two newcomers: Planner Securities and Tradier, each of which has an interesting story to tell.

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The big advantage to eOption is the ability to trade enormous spreads at low cost. This firm is by far the least expensive choice for heavy options traders, and the enhancements to the platform make it easy to build spreads quickly.

The firm was one of the six cutting its commissions this winter, and is now even with Schwab and Fidelity at $ for equities. Firstrade remains committed to providing real-time streaming data, high quality market information, and research. It also has multilingual customer service representatives available to provide live help. CEO John Liu says, “We believe it is vital that customers are able to reach out to a real person when they have questions about their money.”

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Fidelity is leading the way in making the quality of its trade executions more transparent. We’re fans of the Fidelity report that displays after every execution showing how much price improvement its trading engine generated.

Social media sharing has been enabled in the platform, allowing customers to share articles to a variety of venues. The charting platform has been enhanced, and displays entry and exit points for your trades. When placing a trade, all commissions and fees are explicitly spelled out, including regulatory fees, so there are no surprises.

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Fidelity has also added a site that allows guest access for 85 days and includes its premium research. When the 85 days are up, you can decide whether to open an account.

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